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Coming May 31st, my second full length acoustic album!

Let's get 15 Pre-Orders for this so I don't have to go into debt getting these! lol.


Track Listing:


1. Look out the Window

2. Crossroads

3. Dead Man Blues

4. Dreams of Useless Obsession

5. Ghost of my Love (Ft. Lyv)

6. Gone are the Days

7. French Cafe Blues

8. Falling

9. I Feel Something (Ft. Lyv)

10. I Need You (Ft. Lyv)

11. Lose Yourself (BONUS / CD Exclusive)

12. Clerical Wisdom

13. Wayfaring Stranger

14. Sooner or Later

15. Ride Through The Night

16. Whisper in the Wind




PRE-ORDER "A Second Chapter Made of Wood"

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