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Hailing from the chilly depths of Madison, Wisconsin, progressive rock and metal solo artist Samtar captures a dystopian but strangely infectious sound.  With his July 2020 debut album Plotting Against Reality gaining traction across streaming platforms, Samtar already has another album to unleash in January 2021.

Samtar grew up on the likes of System of a Down, Nirvana, Sublime, and Muse; now he unites these divergent influences with writhing bass lines, hook-heavy guitars and keys, and a strong dose of Mike Patton-inspired vocals.  He also takes inspiration from sci-fi films and literature.  A student of Helion Prime vocalist Mary Zimmer, Samtar's music vacillates between dark and eerie revolutionary themes in songs like "The Blank Faced Carnival" and the deep introspection of songs like "Wizard of the Mountains."

Samtar's second album, The Curse of Infinite Luminosity, was released on January 8th, 2021 on all digital platforms with CDs available as well.  With its absorbing hooks and an inventive sonic palette, the music of Samtar is sure to spread far beyond Wisconsin.

Samtar's latest album, "Cryptic Tales From A Vision Obscured" was released on October 15th, and offers a much heavier and grimmer outlook on life than his previous album.